Dec 10, 2015
No.6 (Anime) add (All reviews)
StrawberryEvil (All reviews)
Spoiler free~
No. 6... This anime made me laugh, cry, hold my breath, scared, love, giggle and scream like a lil' fan girl. It absolutely made me fall in love, with the anime and the characters. I had no other choice but to give it a 10 / 10. And also I totally ship Nezumi and Sion now... so.. A new ship is always welcome, and this might be my favorite of them all.
The art was really pretty, I tend to drop an anime if the style doesn't suit my taste, but I liked No. 6's style in every little detail. The character design was also pretty and awesome, all the characters were their own, with style and well.. characteristic. In many animes they just rotate characters, this didn't have it.
After the last episode, I am sitting here, yearning for more. It's one of those rare animes that did that to me, the feeling of needing more.
I really really reaallyyyy hope that we will hear more about Nezumi and Sion, we just have to...