Nov 20, 2015
Jun98 (All reviews)
Romance is in the air in this series!

Short Summary:
Gouda Takeo is a freshman in high school.
Who, however, does NOT look like the average high school student.
He spends his days with his childhood friend, Sunakawa, who is super popular with girls.
However one morning, on the train to school; Takeo saves a girl called Yamato from a molestor.
Could this be a sign of spring beginning for Takeo?

Let me just say; this anime is full on romance. All those people into romance comedy; come on board and watch this series, you will defiantly enjoy it.
I, myself am a big romance comedy fan.
And I can proudly say that I defiantly enjoyed this series.
As soon as you think it's suppose to end, another thing just pops up and extends the story even further (the usual events in an average romance anime series)
Since it was following that pattern, the storyline was somewhat predictable.
when you see Gouda Takeo, the anime becomes super interesting.
Cause it just completely destroys the normal pattern for a normal romance anime.
Overall, if you want to see some unique romance comedy series or you're just tired of the usual romance comedy pattern; watch this series!