Nov 18, 2015
BeebopJazzAttack (All reviews)
Tenchi Muyo was one of my favorite shows to watch as a kid on Toonami every weekday when I would come home from school. It had everything. Action, romance, comedy and fantasy all combined into a half hour of greatness. IN LOVE is the first feature film of the Tenchi franchise, released in the golden years of anime, the 1990's. A space being known only as Kain has escaped space police custody and plans on traveling back to 1970 to kill Tenchi's mother, and destroy her and Tenchi's royal bloodline. After viewing some old videos Tenchi's mother mysteriously disappears from the film and Tenchi himself starts to dissipate. Now he and his friends must travel to Tokyo, 1970 top stop Kain from killing his mother thus preventing him from ever existing. In an ultimate showdown in a alternate dimension.

If you loved Tenchi and 90's anime as much as I do, there is a lot to take from this film. The artwork is drawn in the certain old fashion style and the music is charming. The actual film starts out like a slice of life as everyone adopts to their new lifestyle while trying to protect Tenchi's mom. There is laughter, Ryoko and Ayeka share some their classic banter and other great characters return like Washu, Sasami and co. The third act of the film is a bit slow, going more into the fantasy aspects of Tenchi, where as I was more enjoying the casual school life with a little bit of mystery as to Kain's appearance. But the ending was beautiful because it was your classic anime ending. I don't know why, but endings to anime films, usually from the 90's always get to me. If you love Tenchi Muyo, you will love this film. A classic in 90's anime culture.