Sep 20, 2015
La_Matona301 (All reviews)
My Okusama ga Seitokaichou! review. OPPAI

My ratings:
Story: Pathetic 1.
Art: Good 7.
Sound: Fair 6.
Character: Poor 3.
Enjoyment: Good 7.
Overall: Pathetic 1.

For an 8 minute and 12 episode anime, this was really not a good one, so no more BS. Story (up), the plot was as basic as it can be, it just involves a girl moving into the guy's life and thing were never the might say that there really isn't a story at all, so it was really as pathetic as it can be. Art (up) tbh the rating I gave was for the fanservice since it was the only thing that makes this anime fun to watch. Sound (up) well I simply have nothing much to say about the sound except that I do find the opening and closing theme befitting in this anime. Character (up) what can I say, this anime is just all about Ui Wakana and Hayato Izumi, whom I always wish that they just start banging on each other and not just limit it to foreplay, thought I also like Rin Misumi I jaz basically see her as a 5th wheel. Enjoyment (up) basically it's the fanservice and the titillating scene that were the enjoyable part of this anime, everything else are just BS cu'z it was just all foreplay and no actual banging, overall (up) it was really too pathetic even in it's manga form, frankly they should have went hentai with this thing, so that those whom would wanna play with there joy stick can do it in the comfort of their lonesome.