Sep 18, 2015
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[Note: this is a review of both episodes of this franchise]

This was quite a surprise for an OVA with only two episodes (6 min. and 28 min.)

Story-wise, there's not much that happens; in fact, the first episode sort of just drops you into the middle of everything and you don't learn any back story until the second episode, so it relies more on its comedy and bizarre surrealistic sensibilities to hold your attention, both of which are almost always on-target. It isn't technically a yuri title, but it does use that theme for a lot of its comedy, and as someone whose enjoys that kind of humor, I got quite a few laughs out of this anime. It also has a very deadpan style of humor that doesn't need extreme character reactions to tell you that something was funny. All of the characters were really funny and also kind of endearing by the time the series was over.

With animation, however, there's a lot more going. I absolutely adored the aesthetic that this anime carried with its barely-outlined character, striking character designs, and just barely muted color palette. The animation also had an extremely fluid and free moving style, another aesthetic that I really love seeing and wish I could see in more anime.

Most of this, of course, is due to Tetsuya Takeuchi's heavy involvement with the series (director, script, storyboard, screenplay, key animation, character designs, AND animation director; plus he was also involved in End of Evangelion, R.O.D., Love Hina, and Nodame Cantabile). You can really tell that this guy has a truly unique vision and it comes through beautifully in this anime.

Oh by the way this was animated by ufotable. Yeah, THAT ufotable.

I also liked the editing style a lot as well. It's a lot slower than the norm and not even close to being as spastic as more modern comedic series, and the longer takes and fewer cuts let the bizarre comedy and surrealism shine through without being interrupted by constant cutting, which I appreciated a lot.

Music was very minimal, but when it did show up, it added the perfect touch of strangeness to an already strange environment.

Overall, this is a highly underrated gem that I definitely recommend. It only takes about 35 minutes to get through both episodes, so time commitment is a non issue. Even if it was, I'd still recommend this series, and I hope to see more from this series and from Takeuchi in the future.