Oct 15, 2009
sinsenest (All reviews)
The first thing that caught my eye when I first watched this series was "Am I watching a Japanese re-make of Batman or something?" You can kind of start noticing when you see a rich lookin' guy dressed in all black with shades (and a butler of course), exept that he's not in a cape but instead, a GundamWing-like robot.

Story (7.9/10):
Like the other person before me said, the story basically follows a series of mysteries that the main character, Roger Smith resolves that sort of pieces the story together. I wouldn't say the story was all that great, or all that bad, but it was all right. The main thing that sort of brang me down from that story was that stupid robot (no offense to you mecha fans out there) "Big O" that Roger always has to call on to "save the day". But I guess it's the robot that "pieces the story together". Although I would highly suggest a much better mystery story is Kindaichi Case Files, to all you mystery fans out there.

Art (10/10):
The art is really good in this series, as a matter of fact, it's probably what drew my most attention to even watching this series in the first place. I never liked those animes with girls who have ginormous eyes half the size of their face and those stinkin' "cutish" quiet voices that squeak like pestering rats. And I got to tell you, it's really hard to catch animes like these, ESPECIALLY ones that have a serious theme to them and have "mature" and "sensible-like" drawings, unlike those with 7 year old girls with huge ass eyes and z-sized breasts bigger than their face. And for arts like these, I always pass by to give them a fresh 10.

Sound (10/10!):
The one thing that really caught my eye from the series was indeed the music. The jazzy atmosphere, the heroic, to the creepish eerie themes (And don't get me wrong, I have an Obsession with music, with a capital "O" lolz. My favorite themes from this series were probably Brick Ballades, The Holy, and Sleep My Dear (just in case you wanted to track those But yeah, overall, I'd probably say this was the main thing that drew my intention from the entire series.

Character (9/10):
The characters in this series are pretty plain if you ask me, not all that unique, and not all that bad. I only got to watch the English dubbed version because noone had the Japanese version uploaded, so I have no idea whether the characters matched their voices better in Japanese or English, although I was pretty impressed by the English voiceovers. And if you ask me, I got to admit, the one character I kept on rewinding over just to hear his voice over and over again was that man at this bar that reads his newspaper and offers Roger, the main protagonist inside information. I really don't know why myself, but his voice just really intrigued me because it was so.. so deep that he just became my favorite character right there on the spot!

Enjoyment (7/10):
This anime probably isn't the type that keeps me jumping up and down about what happens next. And I would highly doubt it would really get you as excited more than it would of the anime series "Monster" which I gave a 10/10 the instant I watched the first episode. It basically just follows a series of mysteries and a giant robot that saves the day, which I think, just ruins the WHOLE STORY. And well, I'm not going to tell you not to watch this and that it wasn't all that enjoyable, but there are some good scenes in this show like I for instance really enjoyed the communications between the characters and some of the wording is actually pretty clever if I say so myself!.

Overall (9/10):
Overall I would have to give it an 8.5 because the ending didn't really give the show a "final touch" (it sucked really), and this whole thing with the robot and the mystery, I'm sorry but they REALLY don't go along together. I mean if this is a relationship with an android and a human being, or some phenomenon about the history of robots, that's fine, but sending robots to deal with mysteries just kind of blows me away. Overall, the story was pretty good, I mean I do admit there were some scenes that actually made me cry.. lolz, like that one scene when this police officer returned back to see his mom, and just to see him cry made me cry lolz... but overall it was good, something I would recommend - thumbs up!