Jul 24, 2015
Preliminary (Unknown/? chp)
Where to start with this little beauty of a gem without revealing any spoilers.

So our hero gets trapped in an mmorpg as his player character, yet his player character is some skeleton lich character and he belonged to a guild of people who are no longer in the world he get's trapped in, yet he has access to the servants and artifcats they've gathered and crafted.

The main character is entertaingly over powered compared to mostly everyone he meets, and shows a interesting level of cunning and deception that the goddess Lloth herself would be pleased with as he tries to find out more about his new world. There is also exploration into how his mind is slowly changing from human form to undead form, and I am looking forwards to how this may change with the whole 'keeping hold of his humanity' aspect.

The humour is interesting, mainly of all the girls fawning over their undead lord (like, seriously, how on earth is he meant to bone them, pun intended), though their reasons for loving him seem rather flimsy currently aside from 'they were programmed to do that before and it's just carried over', though I am looking forwards to seeing him earn their trust a bit more.

I see massive amounts of potential here for a truly unique take on this genre.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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