Jul 18, 2015
haruhappiness (All reviews)
I've got one word to describe this manga: Hilarious.
The story goes like this: Karin, a very spoiled and selfish rich girl is on the look for her prince. Not only she finds him, but she actually marries him (political marriage of course)
What made me love this manga was the female lead.She doesn't pretend to be a good kind-hearted girl. On the contrary, she selfishly states that whatever she wants she will have it, until she meets Nao (the male lead). Now, you may be wandering how can I love this type of girl, the thing is that though Karin is full of confidence, she is clueless when it comes to love and daily chores (taking the subway and things like that) which leads to uproarious situations. I mean it when I say that I laughed really hard with this story.
Another thing that I like about this manga is the art, the characters and backgrounda are enjoyable to see as expected from Minami Kanan (the author).
Finally if you want to split your sides laughing while reading a refreshing story about a girl pursuing her prince Charming, then this is your manga.