Jun 25, 2015
Reinhath (All reviews)
I had to write a review for Punch Line because the current score (7.11 as of 6/25/15) is far underrating this surprise favorite.

Punch Line is a show that many people dropped within the first few episodes and honestly, I don't blame them. It harbors an absolutely ridiculous premise and while the first episode is action-packed, the next four episodes focused more on (admittedly) lackluster comedy. However, those that stuck around to episode five got on a train ride with no stops.

The art and sound production were one of the main draws to the show for me and for many others that initially picked up the show. It has unique character designs, bursting with personality. The soundtrack isn't extremely memorable, but it always did a good job at setting the mood and drawing me into the story. The voice actors all portrayed their characters amazingly well.

But more importantly, let's get to the story. Punch Line's premise, again, is ridiculous. What's amazing about Punch Line is that it manages to make its premise MAKE SENSE. From episode 5 onwards, almost every weird and ridiculous thing in the show is explained in a way that makes logical sense within the confines of this universe. There are a few plot threads left open at the end of the series, some of which I really wanted a conclusion to, but for the most part, everything that we see in episode one comes together by the final episode.

That is the single biggest reason to watch Punch Line, in my opinion. Watch the first episode and observe the wacky premise and wonder to yourself, "How the hell does this make any sense?" Then watch the rest of the show and be impressed at how it comes together. Punch Line, although its first half is rather weak, comes together in the second half to become an absolute must-watch for any anime fan.