Sep 15, 2009
thewhitesea (All reviews)
I have never before seen such a horrible OAV. I'm usually a very open-minded person, but I honestly could not tolerate this.

The story and charcater developement was dreadful. I could not grasp what the storyline was at all. I have a feeling that the characters were not very well planned. I didn't understand the main characters backgrounds, and I got confused as to who was what, who loved who, and so on.

The only positive thing about this was the art and sound. I daresay they are pretty decent. The characters and background are fairly well drawn. The music, I deem appropraite for the scenes. It was pretty decent.

This OAV was absolutely not worth my time. I got bored on the first part and wanted nothing more than to close the window and get on with another anime.