May 18, 2015
ssclanker (All reviews)
Having just recently been introduced to the anime world. All I see are high school animes and more high school animes. And then some more. And after that I see shows like Zankyou No Terror which also shows high school students capable of destroying the world (mind you they were pretty old, but they still went to a high school). And then I see this show which I thought I would give a try since it was only one 11 min long episode. Considering that most of the YouTube videos that I watch are also approx. 10 mins long, I figured I might as well give it a shot.
And after that, lets just say it was nothing exceptional. With a rating of all ages, i'm assuming that it was meant for little kids due to the type of humor used in the show. Due to this, it wasn't really all that enjoyable since I had to lower my standards a bit to get the full enjoyment out of this. But it was ok. But still I have to admit, that there was nothing really explained at all.... Ok I'm not that good at writing reviews and stuff, but just watch it for yourself if you are that interested in this anime. I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you are studying the art work of the anime, but apart from that, I would say that it was mostly a waste of time sadly.
Again, there was nothing really explained. Basically its about two kids who go around blasting zippers on people and things that need to be zipped up. The motive for this is not shown (or maybe I wasn't paying attention) but it's there. Also we have a conflict with the two kids grandma which gets solved at the end. I don't know why I'm writing such a long review on this short anime. Just don't watch it. You probably won't regret it, but there are better ways to spend your time (unless you are an 8 year old).