Apr 6, 2015
Luquillo (All reviews)
Organized crime has risen and a group of students are killed in a bus crash which is said to be an accident. The police trace the source to Takanoha High School. The people under suspicion are three ruthless sisters named the Mizuchi Sisters. These girls rule the high school and they're lead by their wealthy father Gozo Mizuchi. Lacking the evidence to put them behind bars due to Gozo's financial influence. The police black mail Saki Asamiya to infiltrate the high school, with the mission being to provide evidence to bring them down. Saki was a student at the school who ruled with an iron fist, and is currently serving a prison term. Her mission soon becomes personal, when one of the sisters see her as a threat and decide to get rid of her.

Sukeban Deka throughout the years has been considered a cult classic and has developed quite a rabid fan base. Besides this OVA, there have been numerous live action movies and a TV series. Based upon this evidence it must have done something right, but I never found out what that was.

Sukeban Deka is your average good vs. evil story, which features the super strong girl Saki putting the beats on everyone with her weapon of choice being an unbreakable yo-yo. Saki fights like a demon with this thing and although it can be kind of fun to watch at times, it never ceases from being too corny for me and just not in a good way either. In all honesty, this weak premise is clearly what has kept me away from the live action movies.

The OVA is an action series at heart with a revenge theme that attempts a bit of drama. I cannot stress the word "attempt" enough. The couple of dramatic scenes that are present contains most of the clichés you can think of. You can actually predict the sudden rainfall that must always appear when a character whom is suppose to be a somewhat tragic figure or so gets dusted off. The little scenes with the pep talks on reminding the main character who she is and her mission... It rains during those moments too (symbolism... without it life itself would be impossible).

This series delivers a great deal of fast paced action. There are numerous fight scenes, but I found most of them very boring especially by early 90's standards. At least they become slightly better later on. The violence and brutality really does escalate and there's a good dose of blood. The characters to me were uninteresting for the most part. This also includes Saki despite her character development; and if there is one thing I can't stand, is a comic relief whom doesn't get the job done, that bald dick-head is not funny. However, the Mizuchi sisters for me are no doubt the show stealers. They have a very wicked charm that plays on humanity's greedy and self preserving nature. Each sister has her own single goal and will take any measures necessary to achieve it. I feel they were well used overall but the metaphor is forever beat on, and it gives away the inevitable outcome involving them. The snake motif is not cleverly used at all, and I feel it's too in your face.

The animation is ok at best and that's pushing it. The fight scenes are energetic, however they do contain a bit of reused cels and stills at times; but I just can't get over the lack of choreography here. The action scenes didn't do too much for me. At least the OVA has a solid soundtrack that never really gets old and is fun to listen to.

Sukeban Deka is a less than average watch overall. This is something even action fans should come into only if they're very curious, because there are tons of better action-filled anime to choose from.

Highs: Interesting villains, somewhat decent fight scenes

Lows: Metaphor is overkill, annoying comedy relief, unintentionally funny during dramatic moments