Aug 30, 2009
Queen2408 (All reviews)
Here we have a story about the goofy Morinaga who has been hopelessly in love, for 5 years, with his egotistical-violent-grumpy- homophobe sempai, Souichi…ahem!, yes, that is The Tyrant.

You guys maybe have seen lots of these stories, so, the conspicuous word here would be homophobe, this is not an euphemism, Souichi hates homosexuals deeply since his little brother was “taken” by one (figures, we have also a brother complex here). But isn't it kind of strange that in spite of knowing about Morinaga’s crush on him he acts like that didn’t happen at all?

As expected, the "poor" goofy guy feels that there is nothing more to lose and throws himself at what he thinks is his only life chance to do something with his yearning; he is going to grab onto it in any way he can. By the way, there is nothing to be taken for granted here! You are going to get surprised and you are going to be driven by the humorous situations, until you slowly get a grasp of the character’s virtues and flaws, until you get to understand their lives and that there is a lot more to them that adds complexity to the story.

The comedy takes a big part of the picture, still managing to deliver deep feelings at the bottom of every insane situation. The whole feeling of the story is completed with the eroticism produced by the uncertainty of every intimate situation. Weird? This is what I like the most! A homophobe guy can’t fall in love with another one from one day to other!! So, we have a very close to reality case here… everything develops at a proper pace.

The art is not what you would call beautiful,but it is indeed manages to be romantic, sexy and comical at the same time. It is a very unique style and it grows on you as the most fitting to the story. The character’s design is lovely, long hair and glasses, with an everlasting frown, for the grumpy and smart Souichi, perfect for a beautiful tyrant, and this cute puppy blushing face to Morinaga that manages to keep being cute ---plus sexy—when he starts acting a bit more lewd. Expressions are fine, they managed to convey the feelings along with the dialogues, that are not that deep but state what needs to be said, no more nor less.

You’ll even get to love that appealing tyrant--and his long hair, with all his flaws and quirks, as you get to know how honest and caring he is with the ones that are important to him; as well as you can’t help but sympathize with Morinaga’s nice and easygoing attitude, whose loyalty is really admirable, getting amused by his wholehearted and pervy behavior, while the whole time you are thinking “work hard Morinaga!”

If you are looking for a funny and interesting story, where you can see love develop against the society problems and prejudgments, even between the involved ones; a story with alluring situations and a real plot to support them, without ruining the proper pace of things, then this would be a nice choice!

---Queen2408 for The Anti Girly Uke Yaoi club. You are invited to join and participate in the discussions.