Aug 23, 2009
mokunica22 (All reviews)

About anime:

Violent is not definite for the kids, but for an older audience.
Nicely developed historical drama, but the theme unfortunately I have to say that I saw in anime called Samurai Champloo. This anime is quite cold, and similarities with the Samurai Champloo (revenge) again has no similarity in the drawing, the main characters and the coarse of this anime.

The main character is a serious violator who is not good, even do some people may call it good because helped one girl and she seeks revenge.
For this young girl, he shows little of its goodness that is left in him.
But what is the goodness for a one person if he slay so much people that he don't remember the number.
The main character, you will surely love.
But it certainly is not a good person. I say, because you can see that his katana became the hand that catches flies around, there is no feeling for human life. He lost it because he killed too many people.

He became immortal!
His punishment is that he can not die.
I did not read the manga, but he developed the story more. Because I do not believe that such a person as he is to have a peaceful night. He has hell on earth because he can't not die, but his sins haunt him.


Drawing is very nice!
Artistic as well as an introduction to the anime.


OST 10 for home collection.


There details characters, but not those I expected. Many are detailed supporting roles as the main role was left with an empty memory, and to regret his murdered sister.


One of the best anime that I watched. 10

Final is 10.
If you love anime certainly do not miss this, it is very good.

kiss from mokunica22