Feb 8, 2015
Rinnalen (All reviews)
i started reading today and i caught up with it today.......
story: 9
There are these "twins", they were always together and loved each other very much. On their 16th birthday a secret is revealed, it doesn't change much of anything, but it changed (spoiler) what they would think of each other, circumstances, and situations. It wasn't bad, it was kind of slow but it's still good. It's a forbidden love kind of thing that makes things difficult for them so they would have to hide and keep in their feelings without knowing whether or not they feel the same way.
art: 9
I really liked the art, it wasn't bad and they made different people looked hotter, prettier, or cuter than others.
Characters: 9
There is good character development, you can totally guess what they are going to do since you would know them that well, very lovable, funny characters. A good best friend, a rival, awesome possessive father, slutty parents, etc.
enjoyment: 8
It was good, but some parts were longer when it should've been shorter and shorter when it should've been longer.
Overall it is a 9