Dec 24, 2014
Preliminary (10/? chp)
First of all,I want to point out that this is NOT a shounen ai/yaoi manga.
You might think that beacuse author made few BL mangas but this is not one of them so feel free to read it even if you don't like BL genre.

Now...on to review!

Lucas has swallowed the seed that his father gave him and after that he becomes part plant.
Many are afraid of these people because they do not know what kind of abilities they have.
That's why he is now persecuted and need to stay hidden.
What will happen to Lucas? What are his abilities? Who is girl that appeared before them,Chloe?
Read to find out.

This is tagged Fantasy/Shounen. I'll rather put Psychological or Mistery than Shounen.
It can get complicated from time to time....and that's what makes it so interesting.
I found history of the "roots" strange and fascinating.

The art is one of the first things that draws your attention.
It perfectly fits the tone of the story.People,backgrounds,clothing...everything is highly detailed.
Takarai Rihito is really talented.Her art is beautiful,gorgeous...there is just no right word to say how good it is.
This one is no exception.

The characters are really interesting and have high potential. I'm looking forward to see how they will be developed.
There is something...mysterious...nostalgic...about them. It's hard to explain,haha.
I mean...some of them are part plant but they still retain their humanity...
And Chloe is so cute. She's like younger version of Mavis from Fairy Tail.

I read all of Takarai Rihito works and I absolutely love the way she write/draw her mangas.
When I read the first chapter of Graineliers I was really captured,I found it being a very nice project!
Of course,there is only 10 chapters out and everything depends on how does the mangaka carry the story.

In short: This manga is really promising and I have big expectations for it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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