Nov 26, 2014
This review contains spoilers.

I enjoyed reading this but I'm a little confused at how should I feel about this manga. I liked it, but it could be better.

The story: was quite good, although it is a cliché. Throughout the manga is just about the warrior princess who did not accept anything that her father requested her to do. Even though she is a very strong person, the way she handle the things that it is just childish. She neglect anything that has to do with the kingdom and the responsibility that comes with the title. Though 8 chapters she only cared about her love Fiona. I do not appreciate the childish part of Erminia, because she did not care about the lives that where in danger because of her.

Art: I loved the detailed old-school art style, but sometimes it seemed a little to much. What I found disturbing was the fact that I could not understand who was the girl, neither the boy because the style that the artist had approach is very confusing.

Characters: were cute , but I thought they were nothing special compared to other characters . I would say that my favorites were Fiona and Yurias, because both of them tried to protect Erminia to the point where their lives will be in danger.

Enjoyment: I liked it, but sometimes I thought that something was missing and that sometimes the plot could have been better developed .

Overall: I appreciate the message. Love costs a lot, it is selfish and it is very hard to be complete without pursuing the feeling, even though it may destroy other lives.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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