Nov 3, 2014
Spocon! (Anime) add (All reviews)
CrawlingDolphin (All reviews)
Story 6/10:
Spocon! is a vanilla-harem type of hentai in which the male protagonist is involved with a lot of girls. He has a fetish for sportswear. Bla bla yadda yadda. But there are some parts in which the scene was like super unrealistic in which he moved really fast like a rabbit :v I actually snorted when I saw it.

Art 7/10:
The art is good although the female's oppais look a lot emphasized especially on the areola and nipple parts.

Sound 7/10:
The moans and screams wasn't that exaggerated, sounds normal to me. :3

Character 7/10:
The male protagonist is just like the guys in harem animes in which he is almost good at anything - in his case, he is good in all kinds of sports. Meanwhile the girls have different type of characters; shy, aggressive, etc.

Enjoyment 6/10:
The episodes only lasted for 16 minutes so I didn't really enjoy it that much. I'm more in for the story anyway. When it comes to sex scenes, it only has 1 scene per episode with 1 girl so yeah.

Overall 7/10:
Overall is good. You'll actually like this if you're in for vanilla types of hentai.