Aug 13, 2014
cubelet (All reviews)
I do allude a bit to the quality (though not the content directly) of the main series' ending in this review.

Right from the beginning I had a strong suspicion that nothing good would come from watching this OVA. The original series was just disappointing, after all. Of course, I didn't realize when I started watching that it was called "Red Knife Wielder," which would have pretty much let me know that it would do nothing to actually tie up any lose ends left in the original series. Worse than not completing anything that was started in the series, it didn't even provide some hint as to how Senji becomes how he is depicted in the original. In fact, it starts relatively similar to how he acts in the show but he actually grows in the opposite direction of his main-series nature. In short, watching this added no value or depth to something that was already in desperate need of both.