Aug 8, 2014
legwkio (All reviews)
Gun to my head, if someone asked me to answer the question "Did you like Yosuga no Sora?" truthfully to live, I would say "NO."


That was the sound of my head exploding. In spite of everything, I actually really liked Yosuga no Sora. Sure, there was too much sex in it for me to feel comfortable watching it. Sure, the incest was too strong that it was very uncomfortable. But, if you got past all that (and it took a lot out of me to get past all that), you would find that this is one of the more well written romance anime I've ever watched.

First off, I've gotta commend the decision to go to the omnibus format for this adaptation against the usual integration of the other heroine's routes into the main heroine's routes. In most visual novel to anime adaptations, this integration usually destroys the flow and the narrative. More importantly though, doing it in an omnibus format would let the respective heroines shine in their own route and give them the ending that they each respectively deserve. Sure, the characters were of the generic variety, each falling into usual character types (hime-sama, imouto, osananajimi, etc.) the show was able to make us care about how their story will turn out.

Another thing, this show has nice music. From the OP and ED (of both the main show and the extra part at the end), to the BGMs used within the show, they complemented the story really well. The music really helped create and accentuate the mood of the anime while the insert sounds (BGMs, SFXs) within the episode was timed well making the audio of the show something to commend it for.

All in all, I really enjoyed watching Yosuga no Sora. Although I wished that they at least toned down the sex scenes because some were just awkward, I'll honestly (and begrudgingly) say that I enjoyed my time with it.

Will I recommend it to my friends who do not watch anime? No. Heck, I won't even recommend it to my friends who do watch anime. But, if you want to watch a great romance anime, is open-minded enough to understand the story and willing to watch it in a very private place, then, by all means, watch this show. It's really good.


Just had to shoot myself in the head because I hate myself that I admitted all that.