Jun 2, 2009
janelleski (All reviews)
This is the first tragedy that I have read that's why I have a lot of expectations. Unfortunately, most of my expectations were not met.

This is a story of two young lovers who tried to fight the impossible. The girl is sick of a fatal disease and as she struggle to live a day at a time, the boy tried his best to keep her smiles. A story that can be considered cliche nonetheless a beautiful and young love.

I did enjoy reading the story, especially the last part. But I'd say that the story is still lacking. Yes, it's heartfelt but not enough to drive me to tears. Also, the character development is not quite amusing. It seems that during the phase of the plot, the characters are growing backwards.

I do not know if it's bad that I hoped for a lot in this manga, but one thing is for sure reading it is not by mistake.