Jul 21, 2014
sushiitaco (All reviews)

When this anime came out many people were drawn to it. Everyone was raving about it and saying, "WHY HASN'T ANYONE MADE A MAGICAL GIRL ANIME LIKE THIS BEFORE?" The answer is simple. Because the point of magical girl animes is to empower girls and Madoka Magica is basically supposed to be the opposite because it's a seinen manga/anime. I think many of us seem to forget that Madoka Magica is of the seinen genre and not at all written for teenage girls which is why it's so dark in plot. You can interpret the fact it is of this genre in a couple of ways: it's dark to attract the male audience who is shunned from magical girl animes (supposedly) OR because some men in Japan enjoy watching girls suffer.

HOWEVER, ignoring this fact Madoka Magica can actually be quite enjoyable to everyone because people can choose to ignore its origins and the darker side of Madoka Magica to take something good from it. And even if you don't care about any of this crap Madoka Magica is still very interesting and well put together for a 13 episode series.

You follow Madoka Kaname who is just an ~ordinary~ 8th grader and her friend Sayaka Miki in the beginning. Sayaka and Madoka meet this cat-bunny alien called Kyuubey who tells them to make a contract with him for in exchange they get one wish and after that they have to become magical girls and fight witches. This alone is already somewhat interesting despite being the premise for most magical girl animes (this other being finds some 8th grades, makes them magical girls, and then the rest is fighting the bad guys of the show, yada yada yada) and the way the rest of the show plays out is actually very human which is why I was saying you can choose to ignore the bad aspects you may find to pull out some good lessons. I don't want to spoil the rest of this great anime for you at all so all I have to say is to try it out (plus it's so short, why wouldn't you?).

As for the other aspects of the show, art is pretty great. You'll find it to be unique and interesting (especially the witches) despite how strange the characters might look in the beginning (well, at least I thought they were weird looking). The sound (music) is performed mainly by a band called Kalafina and it's just beautiful. The show really relies on the characters for the most part and their clashes and their friendships and in general, relationships so the characters are well established and interesting. As for enjoyment, like I said before, I can say that the majority of people coming across this anime will enjoy it. It's well known and I don't know many people who haven't at least heard of it. Overall, I'll give this anime a 9 and I recommend you go watch it.