May 24, 2009
SakuraForever (All reviews)
New Dominion Tank Police, 6 OVA action series. Fans will immediately recognize the returning cast of Leona, Al, Brenten, Puma Sisters, and other supporting characters. Their roles and actions are pretty much maintained from the last OVA run, so you can expect about the same comedy and plot.

Since this was around the mid 90s, the animation is nothing to complain about. If you haven't seen the other Tank Police OVAs or possibly the manga, and thinking about just jumping into this one, you might wanna reconsider. For one thing I'd say the original run had a bit more deeper enemies than this one, at times NDTP heavily relies on its comedy to maintain the viewers enjoyment. When it can't do that and mix in the action it presents, the continuing story becomes flat and uninteresting at times. In some OVAs here, this problem is evident. But you still get kick ass explosions, cyborgs, swearing, and hilarity in about every act. There's tons of twist, some are apparently foreseeable, but that doesn't interact with the anime too much and should keep you glued.

Overall, I think this is pretty much fan based. Fans of the series should enjoy NDTP, others will probably will still but they'll have a much harder time grasping character relations and the like.