Dec 4, 2007
altergenesis (All reviews)
Highs: Cool looking action scenes; improved animation; comedy works

Lows: ...Too much of it doesn't; Repetitive storyline; sub-plots that go nowhere; unbelievable amount of filler; useless side characters; elements make absolutely no sense; the reason for the most emotion from previous series is missing

Jubei-chan 2 – The Counter Attack of the Siberian Yagyu, henceforth to be known as Jubei-chan 2, is the continuation of the series that debuted back in 1999. Picking up where the first series left off, Jubei-chan 2 adds a few more interesting characters, but in the end turns out to be a carbon copy of the previous season. Jubei-chan is unsuccessful in creating a coherent plot and is a complete letdown to the series.

The first season laid down the building blocks for the possibility of a great sequel. Jubei-chan 2 fails to capitalize on the great opportunity and ends up being a huge disappointment to fans of the first Jubei-chan. At first glance, the series looks like improvement, as the characters and art are much more refined. Jubei-chan 2 also manages to keeps the comedic style that made the first one humorous, although, the good news stops there.

It would appear that the creators of the series had the creativity sucked from their very souls The 300-years of revenge wished upon Yagyu Jubei by the Siberian Yagyu are exactly identical to the last series. The story follows a similar archetype leaving viewers with a feeling of deja-vu. Thus, leads us to one of the most serious offenses, the incredibly repetitive plot. The plot may not have been such a bad idea, had it not been done exactly the same way the first time. A few new characters were added, but it does nothing to change the overall makeup of the story. It is unacceptable that a sequel does nothing more then regurgitate what we saw in Jubei-chan 1.

Adding insult to injury, elements in the story make absolutely no sense. As the tedious trek through this anime continues, often a viewer can find themselves looking for some kind of explanation to how and why exactly everything is happening. It's simply like having a puzzle with pieces that do not fit. It's stupid. Random events and sub-plots that go nowhere are the theme of this ridiculous sequel. In a 13-episode series, it simply is amazing that there was room for an ungodly amount of filler. In attempt to get a few laughs out of the audience, this useless filler only serves to scar the plot further and honestly, no one is laughing. Side characters purposely do nothing except take up screen time and their antics quickly grow tiresome.

The final pitfall for this failure of a sequel is the lack of development between Jiyu and her attendant from the previous series, Koinosuke. With the abundance of flashbacks and emotional reminiscence of their relationship you would assume some kind of closure was due. But, no, the creators essentially give a huge slap in the face for those fans who stuck this series out. What they give us rather, is his more annoying daughter who could never recreate the same relationship between Jiyu and Koinosuke.

Jubei-chan 2 is an utter failure and a sad joke. It is shows like this that make me lose all faith in sequels that attempt to recreate what made the prequel successful. The best part left over from the first series is completely ignored for a stale, repetitive and absolutely teeth-grinding story. Do not be deceived by the good looking Jubei and Freesia, because it's a trap. In this author's humble opinion, this is one of the most awful sequels of all-time and a complete waste of time. If you have absolutely nothing better to do, watching Jubei-chan 2 is still a terrible idea.

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February 14, 2007