May 6, 2009
Ri-chan (All reviews)
I read Fujoshi Kanjo mostly because I'd just read Fujoshi Rumi, therefore I was expecting a similar plot: funny and exaggerated, with little emphasis on the romantic aspect.
So I was thrown off a bit by this manga which had a) a main character who wasn't stupid and/or average b) an actually romantic plot line that expressed the type of relationship that wasn't a "love at first sight" or a "you 'saved' me so I love you" but a simple "you looked like a fun nice person so I want to go out" and c) no love triangles, bullying, or depressing pasts.
Fujoshi Kanjo is a really laid back series for people who want the simple pleasure of watching a normal guy get himself into a romantic entanglement with a yaoi obsessed girl. Good for a lover of slice of life comedy.