Jun 23, 2014
Ragix (All reviews)
If I were to describe Mushishi in just a few words, it would have to be 'story-telling masterpiece'. Mushishi held this title and I'm proud to say that Mushishi Zoku Shou holds it as well. When such an eloquent blend of story writing, narration, atmosphere, art and sound come together it creates a fantastic, bone-chilling new world that those whom have the pleasure of viewing can't help but gawk at. Whether there is sadness, happiness, anguish or joy Mushishi Zoku Shou has delivered these feelings in a presentation so well-wrapped even its flaws cannot be seen. Mushishi Zoku Shou has been a remarkably soothing and yet exciting adventure that I can only say I am delighted of experiencing first-hand.


Mushish Zoku Shou is an episodic anime that I feel is one of the very few that succeed in its field. Being episodic only leaves the 21 minute time-frame to tell a story, which can be a difficult challenge; However, just like its prequel, Mushishi Zoku Shou is not only able to set up the plot and characters, but resolve it as well with ease in such a small frame of time. The Mushi, the very essence of life itself, and Ginko, the Mushi Master are at the heart and center of our stories. Ginko, always travelling and meeting new people, adventuring to exciting places and encountering strange beings all around are simply tagging along in our adventure as Ginko plays the part of mediator between Man and Mushi, helping both in times of need. This is how every story begins and ends and is delivered perfectly in a small 21 minute package.


Another reason why Mushishi Zoku Shou is able to present itself so well is not only for its story, but how the world is created. Beautiful scenic backgrounds, gorgeous vibrant colors of the Mushi and the fantastic distinction of characters using art are all perfectly-crafted. Whether a scene is meant to look beautiful or ominous Mushishi has no problem of displaying what it wants creating some of the most illustrious depictions of art to be seen.


Once again, Mushishi Zoku Shou delivers superbly in this category as well. Whether we were panning out of a gorgeous mountainous scene or needed to feel the panic of those in the anime there was no failure in giving the audience what was needed to push what needed to be felt. The sound embodied any emotion it needed to and got it across well, giving me many moments where I just had to replay a scene to get that same 'chill down my spine' feeling over and over again. Without the sound, a lot of key moments would not have the same impact, but thankfully that problem never arised.


One thing that always surprises me is how well-established the characters were with this season granted the small time frame given. In just one episode the characters had to be introduced and fleshed out in order for us to have a sense of 'caring' for them otherwise the story would not have the same influence on us. Ginko of course is our main character, whom we learn of very early on what his profession is and what he does is very easy to get attached to. Where the real challenge occurred was creating the people Ginko meets and giving them a personality worthy of our interest in just a few minutes. This was done splendidly as the story progresses we learn of many of their conflicts with the Mushi and how it effects them on a personal level where we actually can feel the same sadness or joy they do whether it be through a back-story or a present event. In a funny way, the bane of a lot of their lives, the Mushi are also what really bring out a lot of the characters.


This was truly an enjoyable experience. Every episode told a new tale and even when there were times of distress there were times of calmness. Mushishi Zoku Shou tells a story with me just being able to sit back and enjoy without having to think about anything, but just purely become entranced with it. It doesn't end or begin with questions, nor pointing out faults, but just relaxing and experiencing everything it had to offer.


Without a doubt Mushishi Zoku Shou lives up to its name. Those whom loved the first season should have no problem adoring this one any less if not more as they only fine-tuned what was already fantastic. This wasn't just simply an anime to watch, but to experience and it delivered well in every field to do just that. I cannot stress enough on that, which is why I'm going to leave it to you the viewer, to watch and experience it for yourself. I certainly hope you'll come to immerse yourself in this world and see for yourself what it has to offer.