Feb 19, 2014
KawaiiDesu01 (All reviews)
Sakura no Kimi is a one-shot manga with 16 pages. It's a short, but cute manga.


The story in this manga is about a girl, Inoue. She just started high school and that means three changes for her- First, she get to wear her hairstlye however she wants, she goes through Sakurazaka on her way to school and lastly, on that way, she passes this particular guy named Tenma-kun.

I think the story is quite cute actually. You pass by alot of people every day, but I think everyone notices a stranger more than any other strangers. That's what this is about(kinda). There's nothing really to say about this, since it's short. Anyway read it and find out.


I think the art is quite pretty. Not the best, but pretty. Yamaguchi Miyuki has her own way to draw, just like everyone else. It's not that outstanding though.


They introduced 3(Actually 4) characters. The main character Inoue, Tenma-kun and X-chan. I think all characters are fine, they're like normal people and not so outstanding. That doesn't make them boring though.

This manga was only 16 pages long, but I enjoyed it though.


Overall I liked this one-shot. Too bad it was too short, you can't really say much about it. It could've been longer, but I think it's fine as it is.

I recommend this to people who likes shoujo. But don't expect too much fluffy romance, since this is more like a mini story about life. And even if you don't like shoujo, you can read it anyway since it's not your typical fluffy shoujo(haha).