Feb 4, 2014
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"Tokiwa, how can something so tasty come out of an anus? Chickens are amazing"

As an anime I picked up out of a whim I did not expect much, but nonetheless Gin no Saji delivered tenfold. Not only was it a light hearted watch with tasteful comedy given the context, but Gin no Saji really isn't afraid to explore complex issues which inevitably challenge our perspectives on our morality and allow us to really see what we take for granted. Let's go into specifics.

Story (9)
Hiromu Arakawa has created the plot through envisioning the life of the protagonist Hachiken, who takes the initiative to enrol in an Agricultural school in order to be separated from his family. Although at first glance this anime does not seem to have a strong standing plot, though it is through its execution of the story that makes the story exceptional. From the transition from city to country life, it's obvious that that MC is way out of his comfort zone, but it is from there that he really develops as a person. The pacing of the show really helps with this as it really allows us to see his experiences with his friends and classmates while being able to acknowledge this personal development. The plot left nothing too overly predictable, and as a comedy it really excelled. I think it really was the carefree nature of Gin no Saji while continuously exploring Hachiken's development which made the anime so entertaining to watch.

Art/Sound (8)
A-1 Pictures has animated Gin no Saji on a solid level. There's not really too much to say other than the character designs were very well drawn, the backgrounds were clean and the animation as a whole was fluid. The opening theme and ending theme were really catchy as well, and really did reflect the down to earth nature of the anime. The OST was also suffice in reflecting the current situation faced by Hachiken, and I felt that I was better able to empathise with the characters as a result.

Characters (10)
Definitely the strong point of the anime. Despite focusing on reflecting Hachiken's development as a person, the producers did not fail to exemplify the efforts of his friends to get him to this point. Through their experiences with the MC, each character is given a great amount of development as well learn about their back stories, motivations and overall, their personalities and how they came to be. Additionally, all the characters are likeable in one way or another, and others really bring out the comedy in this anime.

Enjoyment (9)
Gin no Saji was definitely an anime that I really enjoyed, not just because of its down to earth feel and hilarity, but because it wasn't afraid of exploring issues that other animes probably wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole (and in the end they executed it quite brilliantly). By having such diverse characters which drive the story as well as its solid animation and OST, I cannot express how enjoyable I found Gin no Saji to be.

In the end I believe that a lot of us can really relate to Gin no Saji and the themes it presses forward, despite what initially seems to be your average school anime. I definitely recommend the anime to anybody who wants to take a break from your typical battle anime and wants to watch a light hearted, comedic anime of a teenager's development as a person when being placed in an unfamiliar situation. Highly recommended!