Jan 1, 2014
Syurelia (All reviews)
This show is very hard to watch. The main characters, Jesus and Buddha, simply act like 12-year old immature girls. Even worse than that. And I really mean it. You can see them making girly gestures, screaming in high-pitched voices, overreacting over nothing, getting excited and emotional like a girl. That's not what I expected from seeing the holy figures. They were transformed into beings with the mentality of a middle-school girl.

I actually felt like giving this movie a chance, thinking it would get better over time. But, after 40 minutes, I couldn't watch it anymore. There is almost none story progression. Just a cliched piece-of-life featuring immature characters. It actually made me feel irritated, seeing Jesus make body gestures and sounds that could be easily interpreted as being gay. I don't think there's anything else to say. Stay away or watch at your own risk.