Dec 11, 2013
Shinatosark (All reviews)
Let me take a guess, you're thinking: 'wow, an anime about tennis? really? I don't see how they can make this any good' and you click the 'next' button because hey, you have no interest in sports or tennis to be exact, why would you want to watch an anime about it? How can it be any interesting for you? Well Prince of Tennis happens to be much more than just about normal tennis anime, it has suspense, each new character comes with something new to the table of awesomenes, it is overall a very very well made anime (and manga) about a very unique topic, tennis, if you are looking to experience character growth, edge of your seat adrenaline and humour when it's not full on serious (sadaharus drinks!) then go and watch this anime! (romance not included, main character is oblivious)

Basicly, the main team seishun academy of tennis, goes around playing tennis tournaments, they build up and up in intensity and importance as the series goes on, we also become familiar with some other teams and get an insight of them such as hyotei. The story is not insanely complex, such as animes like neon genesis evangelon or anything, but it is intense such as a lot of the tennis matches are insanely close and the end of the match is unpredictable, it is not a 'good guy wins' type of anime so there is possibility for anything to happen.

Art: The art is decent for an anime made in 2001, it is very watchable art and definitely is not a set back on the anime.

Sound: The sound for the anime is good, you can hear the ball being hit clearly and on several occasions when something epic is happening the music is just as good, the anime has some pretty catchy openings you will find yourself humming to occasionally if you decide to pick this up.

Character: The characters, especially the characters of the main team, seishun academy are very relatable, they each have very unique traits and personality ranging from the slithery, timid and sensetive bandanna wearing kaido to the limitless, mysterious and relaxed fuji and many more, outside of the main team we also get to find out about other characters and their personality/backgrounds such as atobe from hyotei, every character is extremely unique and has something different going for them in tennis, this keeps the excitement going throughout the whole series as in every match there is something new to see and learn.

Enjoyment: Prince of Tennis is an incredibly enjoyable anime as it does not take much thinking to watch and you can just lay back and watch the action take place. There is never a dull moment in this anime as there is always so many mysterious faces showing up and there is always something interesting happening or building up to happen.

Overall: This anime is very enjoyable and incredibly unique in the sense that it uses tennis as its main theme which is not seen in any anime, you do not have to be a sport or tennis lover to really enjoy this anime as it can also relate to animes such as dragonball or yugioh in the sense that each character has a different sort of 'power' and is trying to defeat the other characters. I also recommend watching the prince of tennis movie which absolutely HILARIOUS after you have finished the anime (I will never get over how funny they made tezuka look in real life, lol)