Dec 9, 2013
Bear1211 (All reviews)
Blood Lad was a sad case adaption wise. Allotted only 10 episodes for a Manga with over 30 chapters is a crime. Sadly as a result the Anime was pushed for time, and rushed through the Manga. After hearing this I gave the Manga a shot, and enjoyed it greatly. Bundled with the new Manga chapter arrived this new OVA which is a continuation of the show. From a fan I was glad to get more of a show that didn't really have a fair shot. Here is my review.

Story: 6

With this OVA we now have new outing with Staz and Fuyumi. Nothing really special in terms of a riveting story, but non the less another fun adventure. A new episode a new set of bad guys for Staz to destroy (because he is kind of broken now). Nothing more to really say except I had fun. It was brief, but for a show that already had a very short run time I really appreciated this.

Art: 7

The original show was never a fantastic looking one, but for me at least it had a charm. A bright, colorful animation style really worked for the original shows benefit, and that doesn't change here. If anything I would say the animation is better here. Specially the fights that occur. Seeing Staz unleash more of his awakened Vampire power from the show was a fun site indeed.

Sound: 6

Nothing really special in this department. Hearing the original voice cast another time was fun, and hearing the opening role again was a treat. Sadly nothing really substantial in terms of OST. It is only one episode tho so it isn't to big of a problem.

Character: 7

Seeing Staz again is fantastic as always, and Fuyumi was nice. The new cast members were alright. Nothing really special, but they were mindlessly entertaining. This score primarily comes from seeing Staz again. I have always found him incredibly fun and entertaining. He isn't the greatest character in the world, but I do love him.

Enjoyment: 8

As you can tell I'm a fan, and having more is never a bad thing.

Overall: 6.8

If you are a fan of the Manga or of the original series then I recommend giving this a watch. I appreciate having more Blood Lad in my life, and this was what the doctor ordered. It isn't completing the show, but merely just providing more. Which for someone like me that is all I could ask for given the conditions that this adaption went through.