Dec 4, 2013
Shotaku (All reviews)
The OVA of Blood Lad continues directly from where the TV series left off.

Story: As everyone well knows, the series left off with Staz rescuing Fuyumi and a cliffhanger of his brother, Braz, saying "Welcome Back, Father."
The OVA picks up where Staz and Fuyumi leave for the demon world. They start to head to Demon Acropolis, where Braz is, but encounter a group of Vampire Hunters.
The battle was pretty epic, where Staz was almost driven to death. That's as far as I will go into the battles as it is better to not be talked about.

Art: The art is the same as the series; colorful and fun to watch.

Characters: The only characters from the show were Staz and Fuyumi. New characters had been shown, each with their own power and characteristic. Each character was funny at how silly they were.

The ending still was pretty vague, as nothing was concluded.
However, it was still pretty fun to watch.
Overall, this deserves a 9/10.