Oct 9, 2013
Sadhbh251 (All reviews)
Not many people know about this gem of a series, in fact, I knew nothing about the series before i went on a backpacking trip to Japan. In any book/manga shop the fantastic cover art always drew me to it and when i came home I was disappointed to find that the series was not scanlated.

But lucky for me and you it has just begun scanlation and with it the intense and comical world of Nejimaki Kagyuu has been opened of us. As i said in my off the topic introduction, the art is what brought me to the series, in the stores were I mean 1000s of series are on display it is no coincidence that the art stood out so much.

In the series the art is slick, polished and while lacking in the details of some more artistic series (especially in the backgrounds) the style of the art is what gets it for me. To me the style is the mix of seinen art and shonen art in a middle ground style which a lot of modern seinen series have seemed to sprung up recently using it.

The series is a comedy aimed at poking fun at the shonen harem style of manga. The main heroine of the series, Kagyuu is both a scary, powerful fighter while being a love struck, innocent girl. The comedy that the manga-ka gets from switching between the two extreme in situations always gets a chuckle from me. While drawing this seinen harem, the manga-ka focuses more on comedy and the "fighting" of this fighting harem allows for the reader to sit back and enjoy the series and not be turned off at the incombatability of the different themes. There is only a heavy dose of comedy with a plot based around the girls fighting over the main, male character.

For some draw backs to the series there is a fair amnount of ecchi-(ness) while i do believe that it is done better then most series. With the style of fighting that Kagyuu uses, involves ripping and destroy of clothes of the user and victim as it deals damage, it never feels put in there for "rating". You know its happening in a chapter and when, its not like the horrible "looking up" views on female characters or the lets have every girl character support a pair of hefty lumps of flesh that the harem guy happens to get sucked into their gravity fields every 5mins in series that claim o be more plot driven.

Also talking about story plot, here is another low part of the series but this is a factor of most comedy based series suffer from, its about the jokes and the situations not about the who, what, where and why of how this is happening.

I fully recommend this series for its entertainment values and its stunning/fun art style. Its a series that leaves me wanting more as i laugh my way through each and every chapter.