Jan 3, 2009
Mixed Feelings

I liked the promotional image and been meaning to watch this series for a long time, and was actually looking forward to it. But I was rather disappointed. ^^;

-STORY- 5/10

The story is okay but extremely predictable. I did not even have to wonder how everything will turn out, it was that obvious. I did enjoy some of the side stories and flashbacks they managed to cram into an hour long series (each episode is only five minutes). It could have been a better story if it wasn't so short and so cliche. There is also a cliffhanger at the end, hinting that Legend of Duo might continue, but I think they just threw that in to grab the viewer's attention at the last moment; I honestly don't see what is there to continue, nor do I even want to know. ^^;


The characters are unbelievably flat and stereotypical, most of their actions are predictable. Duo is portrayed as a villain for some reason, even though he tried to save humanity. I never did understand why he had to be punished for telling them the "secret". Zeig is a typical good guy who fights for justice; he apparently lacks his own sense of reasoning because he goes to punish Duo, his best friend, on someone's orders (some vampire lord I guess). There are also a couple of side characters whose purpose I'm not sure about, aside from interfering with the two main characters all the time. And lastly, there is next to none character development, except a little insight on how Duo and Zeig's friendship began.


I loved the character designs, which is probably why I was drawn to that promotional image. If there was a Legend of Duo artbook, I would gladly have it. But the fun ends here. The animation is quite hideous to say the least. There are a lot of still frames and flashy gradient backgrounds. The characters hardly move at all, and I noticed that a lot of the same still images were used over and over on different backgrounds. The death scenes (of humans) were done rather nicely in comparison to the rest of the show; at least these had actual animation.

-SOUND- 6/10

The sound wasn't that bad. I liked the music during the tragic scenes, it was quite fitting. The rest of the show had some weird techno-like tunes playing on the background, and I grew tired of it rather quickly. Overall, the "soundtrack" if I dare to call it that, was on the same level as the rest of this anime.


It had potential, but I guess the production budget was too small.
Since it'd only take an hour of your time to watch it, I don't think it would hurt you. But don't expect anything great out of it.
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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