Jun 10, 2013
zCowley (All reviews)
This will be a short review to give some insight to readers on the manga. First off, that 7 rating is likely to go up within the next couple chapters,it's highly unlikely for me to give higher than a 6 or 7 rating to manga's with fewer than 20 or so chapters but this is special. This manga is so clever with its portrayal of the characters, and let me tell you that this is far beyond a normal harem, these girls will viciously attack the others in some cases of getting to close to the protagonist! Among the Harem is a; Knight, Serial killer, Vampire, Masochist, Stalker, Sleeping beauty, and a Little sister. These aren't spoilers, they are CLEARLY portryayed in the first few chapters. In this manga, each chapter is brilliant, out of the 160 manga I'm currently reading, I am always waiting for the next chapter Anormal-kei Joshi.

- Thanks if you read the whole review, I'm happy to talk about this manga through messages or whatever as well. =^.^=