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When reading both of these titles you start to notice the similarities to one another. both start out being more or less light hearted, as the story progresses they become much darker as the story and the characters start changing in unexpected ways, which can be both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The story's it self are both nicely written as the authors pay attention to the details and symbolism, most everything is connected in someway which makes it interesting, like putting pieces of a puzzle together. This aspect especially in Pandora Hearts, when this is certainly true for Tsubasa, Pandora Hearts has more of a mysterious vibe, figuring   read more
report Recommended by ValerianWizard
Pandora Hearts and Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE have the main goal of the male protagonist trying to help the female protagonist get their memories back. There are some great conflicts, both mental and physical, that show in both series for that reason. There are a lot of character similarities as well: Break (PH) with Fai (TRC), Gil (PH) with Kurogane (TRC), and Shalon (PH) with (TRC). There are a few other characters that are similar to each other, but those are the main ones.
report Recommended by FourEyedPandora
Both start off simply but turn out extremely complex and have a lot of plot twists and mind-boggling mysteries. Pandora Hearts, like Tsubasa, has the main lead in search of a girl's memories, and the story revolves around a journey that forever changes the characters' lives, as well as the world itself. Both get notably darker as the story progresses.
report Recommended by white_alyss
These stories have many similarities, like already mentioned by other recommendations before.. But these is not same, both is still epic in each it's own way.. Both story start with the fantasy theme where there is travel between dimensions, and the story advanced with the searching of main female character lost memories.. Both story is full with many beautiful trademarks like feathers, flowers, etc ... Both stories is full of sad tragedies, you will be made to pity to the characters within ...
report Recommended by Jim_Heart
Pandora Hearts and Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE both takes place in a fantasy world where there are endless possibilities. Throughout both series, there is an conflict of identity issues and lost memory. The main male protagonist tries to help the main girl to get her memories back but faces difficult challenges throughout their journey. There are plot twists as other characters gets involved - both allies and enemies. Furthermore, there are moments of happiness and joy while there are also days of tragedy and sorrow. Recommended for fans of fantasy/adventure with a complex story.
report Recommended by Stark700
If you like the complex plot twists and characters with mysterious pasts in Pandora Hearts, I suggest you read TRC. Its one of Clamps best works and like Pandora hearts it will mess with your mind. You'll love it :)
report Recommended by Tetsumine