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Kamisama Hajimemashita
Similar characters, plot, character relations, etc :D Kamisama Kiss just really reminded me of Inuyasha as I read deeper into the story :3
report Recommended by bunnychii
Canine demon boy (Inuyasha/Tomoe) has to partner with a schoolgirl (Kagome/Nanami). Inuyasha is a shounen manga (lots more action) whereas Kamisama is a shoujo manga (lots more romance), but the relationship between the two main characters are very similar.
report Recommended by sefira
In these, the story has great resemblances in the plot, even though one is shonen (Inuyasha) and the other is shoujo (KH), for instance, both have: - Naive human heroine who has a special power and is on highschool and has the ability to travel to past. - Main hero is a youkai with ears and white hair and at first fights a lot with the heroine but ends up protecting her later. - The relationship between Tomoe/Nanami and Kagome/Inuyasha is quite similar: it begins in a conflicting way but then it turns into affection. - spoiler: The hero loved a human girl in his past and wanted   read more
report Recommended by Orulyon
The relationship between the two main characters from KH (Nanami and Tomoe) reminds me of the relationship from InuYasha (Kagome and InuYasha). Especially at the beginning both Tomoe and InuYasha is a little bit more savage but become more tamed (?!) as the series progress.
report Recommended by amytan2134
Both involve a dog-like human and a human girl. The demon in both series is sort of a tsundere and the girl in both series are strong-willed. The demon in both series loved someone in the way in the past and the girl in both series in the present time is a reincarnation of the demons' past lovers.
report Recommended by kimbap
there are A LOT of similarities between InuYasha and Kamisama Hajimemashita - Human girl falls in love with youkai boy ->who feels the same way for her but is still kind of hung up on his ex who may or may not be somehow "connected" to said human girl (can't say any more than that, spoilers lol) - She gets powers she didn't even know she could have (nanami has "God" powers whereas Kagome is a miko) - Time Travel (sorta?) - Love Triangles - "Should I give up being   read more
report Recommended by isahbellah
Both feature a female protag trying to step into their newfound powers in a strange new setting involving unfamiliar creatures and the like. They fall in love with the male lead, who is a powerful demon of some sort with white hair, cute ears, and is kind of a douchebag, AND is getting over a lost lover. KH is, however, much more romance oriented compared to Inuyasha, and it's a good amount shorter. The general mood is very similar and both are simultaneously uplifting and frustrating at times.
report Recommended by julsia
Same sort of demon creature who also looks very similar and has a similarly abrasive personality but becomes sweet. It has the same kind of feel as well.
report Recommended by Talinsmom