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Dorohedoro is the older, less-famous version of Chainsaw Man (incidentally, it ended the same year as CSM started... Coincidence?! Probably) The setups are slightly different, but the execution is nearly identical - Socially inept protagonist with a transformation that turns them into brutal monsters, check, dark urban setting, check, loads of dark comedy, check, the protagonist being tasked with killing hordes of destructive monsters, check and the list goes on. Chainsaw Man's approach is slightly more psychological, balancing out the drama with brutal action more carefully compared to Dorohedoro's more stylish and somewhat less sentimental approach. CSM is a shonen, so it won't explore its dark themes   read more
report Recommended by Vinum_Sabbathi
Both have similar styles and presentations. Protags are similar in how they're a fusion of two things and tend to act like assholes. Lots of action, death, gore, cynicism, and dark humor. One deals with magic while the other deals with demons.
report Recommended by Realhumanbean
-They're both dark gritty series with a lot of violence, but it's all mixed together with great comedic moments from the character interactions. -They both have similar presentation styles (art, character designs, setting)
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Both have amazing and unique art styles. Lots of violence.
report Recommended by TheRealMao
Both mangas have dark and gorey atmosphere paired with comedic parts. Some aspects are explained by the bizarre nature of their settings and not really by cause and effect. Both are great reads.
report Recommended by monitheronin
* Both have a unique, acid and irreverent style that blends horror and comedy well. * They do not lack violence, blood, and guts. * Both leads are kind-hearted, rude jerks. * The plot always has room to develop crazy theories as it unfolds. * Even the secondary characters are iconic.
report Recommended by Marcelo_Flores
Similar gritty, hopeless, style and another manga in which death happens pretty easily and are not as important as they are in other manga. A lot of comedic moments. A very original MC who's kind of an asshole sometimes. Relationships between characters are very entertaining (chainsaw and power/fujita and ebisu for example).
report Recommended by Asnwin
They both have a dark setting, but also applies humor. Both show gore and sometimes disgusting images. Both have a world where people with special or magical abilities live. Both have protagonists who have weird heads (?), and are a special case in regards of what species they are. Some character designs give off similar vibes.
report Recommended by javitaxy
Both are gory manga with unique styles. If you liked Dorohedoro, you might really like Chainsaw Man as well.
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
Chainsaw Man and Dorohedoro are both comedic and weird while still being dark and brutal.
report Recommended by Alpha_Nuova
Both stories have: dark and gritty art the protagonists' heads change both protagonists fight, can be good at times, evil fantasy beings are dark comedys protagonists sympathize with the enemies
report Recommended by JacksonScully
Large ensembles of colorful characters with a unique range of abilities and personalities. Both worlds have a group of creatures that have regular people at their mercy and the intensity of their powers vary. Dark, gore filled stories yet with humorous undertones.
report Recommended by jootawoo
Lots of gore, violence, cool character designs and interesting world plus some good comedy, all the good stuff.
report Recommended by rustycableguy
Dark Shounen
report Recommended by HeadyShitHead
What really ties together CSM and Dorohedoro imo is how well they mesh a dark, grisly world with goofy, lovable characters. Both are excellent at striking that balance of darkness and wackiness, and feature creative and fun world building.
report Recommended by joohii
Very zany and fast paced
report Recommended by itadoriyuji5
Dumb main character trying to find his place in a gritty and surreal world. Both have a relatively nice amount of gore.
report Recommended by Ganji_No_Tensai
I’m aware that Chainsaw Man is a shonen manga & cannot reach the level of explicit content that Dorohedoro does as a seinen. That being said, there’s plenty of violence, gore, & dark humor in Chainsaw Man that make it similar in tone to Q Hayashida’s work. Both contain complicated characters with broken personalities. A simple outline of the leads would be that Dorohedoro features a short-fused and violent man-child with a lizard head, while the other is a short-fused and violent teen with a chainsaw devil dog in his heart. There’s also the fact that the protagonists work with female partners in crime who embody   read more
report Recommended by ItaiSenpai
Both series are urban fantasy with strong demonic/occult elements, modern-ish setting, and hyperviolence, featuring graphic jokes and rootable characters.
report Recommended by valgranaire
Crazy unhinged plot, interesting magic system, quite gorey and violent at times
report Recommended by IbanPlay
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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