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They both center around (for the most part) a 12 year old boy with an iron will, both characters sharing characteristics you'd find in the your typical battle shounen protagonist with endearing qualities added to the mix. Both feature relatively complex energy systems the fights consume of, and a Exam Arc (Interesting spins of the typical shounen Tournament Arc) that share many similarities with one another.
report Recommended by TonyTheme
Out of all the current manga and anime, Hunter x Hunter is definitely the most similar one to Naruto. They may give off different vibes but both their content is extremely similar. For one, both main characters start off at the age of 12 years old and have similar characteristics such as a super strong resolve and also having the power to change people or make people believe in them. Both mangas have a character who is the last member of their clan and also want revenge on the person who did it and their eyes also turn red. There's also a character who leaves   read more
report Recommended by Ollyx2OxenFree
Both about a guy that respects and want to follow the step of his deceased father in a fantasy world full of danger.
report Recommended by BlindNoldor
Determination, the will to become stronger and god like powers. If you like these kind of things, read on. Both main characters have a goal they want to achieve that seems almost impossible, but they are willing to do anything in order to achieve it. Both of them also lost their parents (or don't know were they are). If you like action and stunning battles, read these manga.
report Recommended by Darkbow
I litterally don't know why this recommendaition is so low, because HxH is a wet dream of every Naruto fan. Both about young boy who want to become hunter/hokage and meet a lot of similar chars along away (which i must say not as much similar as other ppl could say, but definetly reminds each other) and a lot of diffirent events (wich contents not only fighting (at least at first). Not to mentions character design. (which looks pretty simple, but pretty detailed at the same time)
report Recommended by Son_of_Bob_Dylan
First arcs are almost the same in both anime, they become different later.
report Recommended by ANT4