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Two people both struggling to become stronger. They each go through trials and tribulations to get to their "goals". Action, martial arts, each are action packed with both.
report Recommended by Xinil
both have very stupid, funny and strong main characters, both have a very strong story line that had good twists along the way and both get very good groups of friends and both manga are very action packed.
report Recommended by zero-walker
Another popular manga, but with more emphasis on humor and character development. Like Naruto, One Piece is written in the style of a grand adventure with many subplots and interesting characters.
report Recommended by Zeborg
I'll start by saying that fans of these series go back and forth arguing which is better. They are both different in that Naruto is about Ninjas and One Piece is about Pirates. They both have a main character that is kind of an idiot, gets stronger as the story goes on, defeats many opponents he has no business even fighting and so much more. Both are heavily themed about comradery and how important it is to have "nakama" you care for and take care of. Naruto was my gateway anime/manga, and in my search for something to fill my time between my obsession of   read more
report Recommended by explicit707
Top-notch (at least best-selling) shounen jump manga that epitomizes the concept of friendship, love, self-sacrifice, coming-of-age, amidst action-packed volumes. Naruto is about ninja, while One Piece is about pirates.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Badass fights, a very big world, friendship and very cool powers. That is what both of these series are all about. The main characters have both lost their parents and are on a quest to become stronger. But they realise that they cannot do it alone, that's why they need all of their friends to accomplish their goals. If you like action packed shonen manga, then these stories are perfect for you!
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both series involve the bonds of friendship, with One Piece involving the relationships between the Strawhat crew while Naruto involving the bonds between the different ninjas of the Hidden Leaf village. Both have a vast amount of characters that have interesting and unique backgrounds and different environments for the characters to explore. Both main characters (Luffy and Naruto) are extremely similar as they have the ambition to protect their friends. Also, both protagonists have the ambition to rise to the very top with Luffy desiring to become the Pirate King and Naruto desiring to become the Hokage. Both series have a large amount of action and use of   read more
report Recommended by yungs
Both protagonists have a strong will. Both are willing to die for their friends and have a big life goal, but they are confident they'll accomplish it.
report Recommended by FirePokemon
Both has a main character who is trying to become stronger and has a dream. They have a team and friends and they are trying to protect them. Both stories are inspired by Dragon Ball.
report Recommended by AdorableGoblin
If u like Naruto,you will like One Piece even more.One Piece offers much much more.Both MC are funny and awesome at the same time! The world in One Piece is much bigger and there is much more everything :)
report Recommended by lojzaHD
Best of shounen and top of world manga series with flawless extensive story and absolutely unique characters. You'll never regret reading Naruto.
report Recommended by susan00
Naruto: "I will be the greatest Ninja and the Hokage of my village!" One Piece: "I will be the greatest Pirate and find the 'One Piece' treasure!" Using all kinds of super powers against other people with super powers, both Naruto and Luffy become stronger with time and make new friends who help them reaching for their dream.
report Recommended by Acopolypse
Both are battle shounen, and their protagonists have similar goals.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
both stories are full of heroes, heroines, villains with superhuman physical abilities, ridiculous training, fictional races and creatures, supernatural powers, and something like "chi". Both stories have a strong male lead as center character of the whole stories. Naruto and Luffy. you can see extraordinary battles that involve from fistfight to melee combat. from conjuring destructive elements to manipulating nature.
report Recommended by windymarion