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5-toubun no Hanayome
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5-toubun no Hanayome
Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai
Many girls, one male tutor and a high school setting.
report Recommended by Adub217
5-Toubun no Hanayome is practically "the We Never Learn of Weekly Shounen Magazine", with same theme (a poor guy who have to teach some girls), cool heroines and a funny romantic comedy between Main Character and your apprentices.
report Recommended by jacobtsurugiBR09
Pretty much the same premise, a guy teaching some girls of his class cuz he needs money.
report Recommended by satoushinya
High school setting, smart and studious male tutor who came from a poor family, female apprentices who each has different individual specialities and eventually develop feelings for him
report Recommended by Rytakahashi09
Harem of 5 girls, Protagonist is their tutor. In the beginning protagonist faces difficulties in both of the shows but later everyone warms up to the protagonist. However both the manga have taken a different approach to finish the manga.
report Recommended by vinsmoke_kun
Both are Highschool harem manga, in which the mc has to tutor a bunch of stubborn girls.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
male mc helps girls study, 5 girls, drawn by fate by a certain event
report Recommended by K1ngOfSloth
Both are shounen harems with a similar tutor x students setting. And while 5toubun focuses more on character development and plot progression, Bokuben is more on episodic comedy and everyday shenanigans.
report Recommended by Nory-chan993
Romance harem comedy slice of life, both are about main character being a tutor for dumb students who are in the same class as our protagonist, Each student is powerful at one subject and weak in another, the imouto of of our protagonist is a really cute and lively girl who is great in doing house chores, the protagonist is a nerd who studies everyday and works hard to improve the student's knowledge in the area where they're weak at.
report Recommended by Zestiria
It has the same tutor style of anime(?) Both are about tutor teaching students, and falling in love(?)
report Recommended by Shinrou
Both have same setting, the smart protagonist who come from poor family will tutor some girl to help their family
report Recommended by N0bum3
Another Harem manga but this one is from Jump,if you enjoyed toubun you should check out,really funny and nice characters remind a bit of Nisekoi style as well anyway if you're a harem fan you know the drill
report Recommended by Reborn94
poor tutor- check cute girls- check imouto- check lewded chicks- check whatelse can u ask for
report Recommended by kevindasian
Tutor of a couple girls for a harem plot, but the author writes 5 different endings for the 5 different girls that all can be considered canon, so if you were disappointed that your best girl didn't win in this series at least you are guaranteed a closure for your best girl in bokuben.
report Recommended by yourboirushil
love triangles and school
report Recommended by elena-rt
These two manga are much the same. They're both about clever tutors who teach a harem of girls who have unique personalities. Both have wonderful comedy and artwork. I will say that The Quintessential Quintuplets' writing is better, but We Never Learn has a better ending. We Never Learn also focuses more on comedy skits, whereas The Quintessential Quintuplets is more focused on story without many comedy skit chapters. Both of these manga are a lot of fun to read for fans of the harem and comedy genres!
report Recommended by Kaylof
Both romcom/harem where MC tutors the girls. The story is centered around studying and the girls start developing feelings for mc.
report Recommended by TheChainsawMan
Both of these have basically the same story involving a main male lead tutoring five girls. In spite of this, I still enjoy reading them.
report Recommended by CoolIcedTea
i do think in my opinion that they are similar in the way both female characters depend on the male lead to help them in their studies and well as budding relationships between them. the character development is pretty good as well as the final arc in my opinion being better than the quints one. i do think in my opinion that they are similar in the way both female characters depend on the male lead to help them in their studies and well as budding relationships between them
report Recommended by bakocchi
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