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Same mangaka. Both series have the typical epic/seinen Urasawa stile and great characters.
report Recommended by Gladius
Well, Pluto is, first of everything, a manga by the same author, Naoki Urasawa. And they both contain misterious stories, wich characters are involved in a continuous spiral of sensational developments (sorry, i translated it with google) that bring them to an emotional finale. For the excpetion that Pluto is an original work by Osamu "God" Tezuka, and it's already a genious strike, because it tells a story settled in the future, where characters are protagonists of a mistery involving a beast who is destroying the most powerful robots in the Earth. Somebody could see some relevance with the writer Philip K. Dick and the   read more
report Recommended by Evane
Both series are written by the same author. Due to this the art (very well done in my opinion) looks alike in both series. If you like the way Naoki Urasawa tells a story and you like the general atmosphere of his stories than you should really read Monster. In my opinion Monster is by far his best work. It is the most deep and well written story I ever read.
report Recommended by Darkbow
-Both series were created by the same author -Both series have a very mature tone with very little comedy -Both series feature adult males as the main protagonist -Both series have a very similar art style
report Recommended by ironcladgranite
Both manga are written by Naoki Urasawa, so their art styles and plot elements are quite similar. Both works have intricate plots, filled with numerous subplots and plot twists, which raise many questions and slowly answer them as the story goes by. Both stories feature main characters who seek to find the culprit between a series of murders. The main character of "Pluto", Gesicht, and Lunge from "Monster" are both highly-skilled detectives, and they also look similar to each other. Apart from the, both manga also have other well-developed characters, as well as interesting villains. The main different between the two is that the events   read more
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Written by the same author, and both mystery series. Much overlying intrigue and interest in mysteries over the entire series, and both are very captivating.
report Recommended by SteamedPlague
Monster and Pluto have the same art style and same amount os suspense and thriller because they're from The Psychological Thriller Expert Naoki Urasawa
report Recommended by Drumbottle
Both written and drawn by Urasawa, both seinen manga about murders and finding a serial killer. Very similar art and characters. Both have a character called Dr. Tenma.
report Recommended by Eziprez
Pluto is very similar to monster cause they both focus on a mystery. The same person who wrote monster wrote pluto so there kinda similar. And they both have interesting main characters
report Recommended by CosmoMcFloso