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Naoki Urasawa's Monster was definitely influenced by MW. Both Johan Liebert in Monster and Michio Yuki are highly intelligent, manipulative, attractive, and dangerous sociopaths. And the reason both committed horrendous acts without conscience - or the justification they use - comes from unnatural origins. Both stories also have the 'good' character, playing a good vs. evil cat-and-mouse game and being influenced negatively by Johan or Yuki.
report Recommended by Duelistbluerose
Perhaps the most obvious recommendation, as MW's influences on Monster are many and Johan's similarities to Yuki are plain as day. Both series are dramatic thrillers with an unflinchingly cynical view of humanity and no fear of flawed heroes. Perhaps the most obvious parallels are the mutually destructive yet irresistable conection between the morally conflicted "hero" who finds himself on the wrong side of the law and the handsome, charismatic, and entirely ruthless antagonist who is the cause of his troubles.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
MW, just like a lot of other works from the unprecedented genius Osamu Tezuka, has a dark approach on human psyche. Monster does the same, but this approach is made in a lot more characters, allowing the reader to have more points of view in human condition. And I can tell you that the concept of Monster is clearly based on MW's; the background is pretty much the same, and the motifs are similar. Urasawa is acknowledged to be a big Tezuka fan, so it's not a surprise.
report Recommended by NosyMuggle
Both protagonists are stereotypical do gooders with dark pasts and deep regrets. It focuses on their relationship with a character who is a representation of pure evil.
report Recommended by EpicGamerism
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