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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Loop. Mystery. Survival. Horror.
report Recommended by jTiKey
Protagonist re-lives the same day over and over. Rural setting. Mortal danger. Gory deaths. Harrowing soundtrack. Plain people vs. mysterious dread-evoking threat. While the style, palette, cast, personal drama and overall mood of the two anime differ by some degrees, there is a clear intersection in their thriller-like defining qualities.
report Recommended by Grandmagic13
Definitely same vibes; and this recommendation may be a spoiler for Higurashi but it has time loops, murder, supernatural-scifi merge, kids killing each other, a bit of ecchi.
report Recommended by HRinka
Mystery surrounding a time loop, murders and creepy supernatural beings, all happening in a small, rural community.
report Recommended by CookiechanCook
Both have a group of friends in what seems to be a time loop, trying to solve a mystery regarding disappearances or deaths in a secluded village.
report Recommended by Someone321
Just imagine Higurashi having a good anime adaptation. That would probably be as good as Summertime Render. Or even better, as the VNs are awesome. But there is no good Higurashi adaptation unfortunately (at least for the Question arks), so Summertime Render is much better, lol It has the mystic/horror elements, time loops and power of friendship/love, everything we love Higurashi for.
report Recommended by skof
It has the same premise but Higurashi focuses more on the psychology of the characters (and the viewer) and solving the mysteries rather than the battles like Summertime does.
report Recommended by curialbellic
-There exists a certain kind of entity/entities that work in the shadows in both these shows -Death reverts the protagonist back to a previous timeline, but they retain their memories -Things can get serious really quickly, but can also be really flowery at other times
report Recommended by Joeywatches
mc can go back in time and tries to save person he loves but there are obstacles
report Recommended by Haskku
-Similarities similar setting (both in a village) sinister characters murder and supernatural elements time loops squad fighting the evil -Differences In HNNKN there's more violence and a more philosophical approach of the situation from some characters while SR is lighter and includes romantic elements
report Recommended by Eri_St
both are dark, gory and have the rural village type deal
report Recommended by a105
In both animes there is a mistery curse/disease related to the city that kills the carachters in a mistyrious way, and after killing the MC, he is throw back in time. Also, there is a background of a carachter death by those elements, before the time period that the story happens. They have a mystery/horror element attached to it... and cicada crIes, A LOT OF CICADA CRIES.
report Recommended by LF_dib
Dark stories taken in a summertime environment, with murders, mystery, time loops and slights ammounts of ecchi; all of this shown with a bright colorful animation.
report Recommended by eblf2013
Murder mysteries in a rural japanese town. Higurashi and Summertime Render follow the story of a blank protagonist who recently moved / went to visit a suspiciously cliched "tranquil' looking village. They both deal with things such as endlessly repeating time loops and innocent looking women who have something to hide. Both shows tend to get weirdly emotional as well as maladroitly touching on mental health problems and the likes. Anyway, if you're looking for a captivating suspenseful anime series to watch these two will surely get the job done.
report Recommended by Lybees
Small, secluded Japanese town? Check. Set in summer? Obviously, check. Mysterious deaths and the overarching theme of fighting for a better future? Indeed, check. If, like me, you were left bitter and unsatisfied after the trainwreck that was Higurashi Sotsu, I highly recommend picking up Summertime Render.
report Recommended by kumakami89
the protagonists have very similar goals and the story follows practically the same focus.
report Recommended by danlakill
They both have similar aspects like time loops, supernatural genres, gore, and mystery. They are also both highly praised series with lovable characters.
report Recommended by A_kawaiihooman
Both are suspense anime that take place in a remote place with few inhabitants, plagued by a so-called "disease" that has ties to a deity. They involve post-death time travel as well. Summertime Render gave me a big Higurashi vibe throughout the entire watching experience, though I believe the former has slightly less brutal death scenes.
report Recommended by cure-bijou
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