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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
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H2O: Footprints in the Sand
Both of these animes deal with villages that harbor a dark secret. Both of the villages have residents that take justice into their own hands. In Higurashi, the secret is much more hidden. In H2O, not a lot of effort is made to hide the secret
report Recommended by Tekky99
The art is strikingly similar. What's more, the setting is identical - a village with a dark secret.
report Recommended by Plictiseala
The stories obviously are totally different, but I got the same creepy village feel from them with the secrets and such in a small town o_o.
report Recommended by umami_bomb
These two are similar in that at first everything starts out innocent but soon they reveal tragedies and secrets that the main character has stumbled upon. They are both happy on the outside and that is what makes them all the more sad when it gets into the storyline.
report Recommended by Greevon
*in both series the action takes place in a village full of strange/twisted people *Kohinata(H2O)'s past resembles Satoko's(Higurashi) *both have great characters *both have some really funny moments,but they can be serious at times *the artwork&music is great in both,but IMO Higurashi has better grafics,while H2O has that amazing OST! if you enjoy mistery anime then you will like both of these series :-) Be aware though,Higurashi can be bloody,while H2O is a little "cleaner"(it still has some violent moments)
report Recommended by clannad4ever
The setting reminds me of Higurashi a lot for some reason. The main female lead of both seem really similar, like Dark Nipah and Hayami. And also the identity swap is present in both of these animes. Both main male leads have brown hair, even though that doesn't really mean jack Sh*t but just felt like throwing that out there. One HUGE thing though, from time to time i would hear the cicadas make that noise that they do in Higurashi.
report Recommended by tomislol