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Male protagonist who is fighting to save those he loves with the support of those around him. You have to watch the entire anime if you want to unravel the mysteries and get the entire story. These two animes have a lot in common, but I do not want to spoil anything.
report Recommended by CoffeeBean
The core elements are what obviously link the two animes. Lovely optimistic characters, good story line with dramatic depth twist and humor. Steins gate got it all. Charlotte is good but not as detailed as steins gate is with double the amount of episodes. So if you enjoyed Charlotte you might get a really lucky find with steins gate. But otherway round also works ;P
report Recommended by Liquifizer
Although likely different genres, both shows follow a similar pattern involving a slow, slice of life, buildup with foreshadowing throughout the first few episodes, then picking up in a big way halfway through the show.
report Recommended by twohaha
Both shows involve saving a loved one, a side (just a bit) of romance (both only at the ending), and some time-travel. Both gave me an emotional rollercoaster, so if you love that kind of stuff then that would be great for you. Pretty cool fictional concepts that aren't too much out of the world.
report Recommended by tworats
both focus on a group of characters getitng caught up into some pretty strange shit along the way as well as their friendship.
report Recommended by Disapeared_Ghost
Steins:Gate focuses on time traveling itself and Charlotte on kids with powers. In Charlotte however is also a little bit attention to time traveling. What makes these anime similar is that it takes itself a bit serious and that the story is set up as choice driven. Choices made have impact on the story and outcome. Both anime has a rather grim mid episode but end up in a hopeful note.
report Recommended by 2life
- Supernatural power/psychological anime - MC is male protagonist who want to save a girl - Both MC are so OP - Slow start, but very intense after middle of the story till the end, so please keep watching! (But Charlotte is more easy to understand, while Steins;Gate will make you confuse if you watch only 2-3 episodes) - has some comedy for relaxing (just only the beginning of the story I think) - cool opening
report Recommended by RyuiZaya
Recently rewatched Charlotte, and while it won't live up to the hype of Steins;Gate, it is a short show that may help fill the void of being done with Steins;gate. Full of plot twists, suspense, sci-fi, and similar character development, Charlotte is almost like a mini-Steins;Gate.
report Recommended by Ragerrodent
Similarities: The main character (Male) fights to save those who he loves, cherish and those who supported him Mysteries
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
Main character goes through changes to try to save a loved one and change the world. There are a lot of psychological struggle similarities between the MCs of the two shows as they try to change something that is greater than themselves. There are also some time traveling involved.
report Recommended by sirneb
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