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Both ZnT and S;G shares the same fashion of thriller-inducing stories and mysteries. Both stories goes on like nothing is going to happen except for what is already happening (protagonists carrying out terrorism in ZnT/conducting time machine experiments in S;G) while leaving several hints and mysteries for the audience to figure out throughout the story. At some point, both stories has its own plot twist but still shares the same fashion: a conspiracy being responsible for the existence of the plot twist and mysteries that were left unanswered to this point. Personally I'd recommend this if you enjoy some thriller with storyline that leaves you some   read more
report Recommended by Frizz925
Playing in a cat-and-mouse game, Steins;Gate and Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Tokyo) crafts thriller from the essence of its story. The main characters are intelligent but faces against dangerous adversaries. Throughout both series, there are mysteries unraveled and plot twists that unfold. Tragedy ensures at some turn points as well when we learn more about the the motives of the characters and story. I recommend both series if you are interested in a thriller story with intellect.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both psychological, awesome art, and calm. they're just like each other, i don't know how to talk xD
report Recommended by Bulbulchan
The grafics of both animes look the same, even the intros realy look alike. In both animes the main characters work hidden for authorities to achieve their purposes. Both give you the same calmness vibes and then they make something that will make your heart beat. Must watch series to everybody. zildoxD
report Recommended by zildoxD
Sci-fi that explores the deep and often dark real-life consequences of common ideas, with a great urban-Japan feel. Excellent writing, beautiful animation, and fun characters.
report Recommended by Flurrin
In the beginning we don't (talking about my opinion) get the story behind this anime. We need to get to the lasts episodes and finally match all the pieces and then understande the meaning of the all thing and get blown away.
report Recommended by fawkes05
-mysterious atmosphere -secrets -cool characters
report Recommended by Alexyooki
Everething from character development world building resembles between both this animes zankyou no terror is an all time favorite for me so defintly check it out
report Recommended by Shutakoko
Same visual style and both have that Shaft-Esque feel in the way they are directed, steins gate is much more on the mystery, thriller side and is also much longer
report Recommended by Phigamm
We have here our main trio of characters in each one there is a mad man usually really enthusiastic about how crazy, experimental or dangerous some experiments must be, we have also our silent, glass user and expert at hacking computers, and also our brainless gril that has a strange love-relationship with the madman, and those groups must defeat a organization, also both shows take some similar dark artstyle whcih helps for the thrilling vibes
report Recommended by Lscala
Fear, Anxiety, Depression, worries and mainly Terror You will feel while watching these animes. For me both are Masterpieces
report Recommended by Melchan12
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