Steins;Gate, Persona 4 the Animation Recommendations

If you liked
Persona 4 the Animation
...then you might like
Persona 4 the Animation
both are Sci-Fi and mystery.
both have something to do with gadgets like television in persona 4 and in moblie phone Steins;Gate .
both are based on games.
both have a girl partner besides them.
both have mysterious or dark atmosphere.
both have same feelings and excitement while watching.
report Recommended by TrOjAnHoRsE
Both series are based off games that imo, are performed quite well.

In both anime(s), there is sci-fi elements containing themes of comedy, drama, and thriller. Of course, the plot deepens as the episodes progresses.

The characters also distinct themselves by having certain phsyical apperances such as the exclusive lab codes in Steins;Gate and the trademark glasses in Persona Four. Both of these series are great for some sci-fi fun of 2011.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both series are highly addictive and the plots are awesome.
report Recommended by IwanR
Both have similar feels, dark atmosphere, and mysterious city theme.
Both focused on a group who tried to solve the mysteries, and they always get a new member everytime they solved a mystery.

If you enjoyed one, you might like the other.
report Recommended by renzospark