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Black Lagoon
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Black Lagoon
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Akame ga Kill!
A boy joins a badass team of wanted killers, who works in the shadows against various evil forces and villains. They will run very dangerous tasks, with crazy people and epic moments. Really violent and cruel shows.
report Recommended by Disillusion
Lots of Hardcore females committing brazen acts of murder. Tons of Blood, Violence, and Action.
report Recommended by DollaHolla
Innocent, nice guy end up in a teem of outlaws. Akame ga Kill takes place in a fantasy world and is shonen, while Black Lagoon takes place in our world and is seinen.
report Recommended by BlancaXLobo
Roanapur is the worst place you could find yourself in. Similar to Capital in Roanapur streets are filled with corruption and immorality. Simple man who was on his business was captured by pirate group Black Lagoon. He is betrayed by his former employees and left with group. How he will not change and adapt to the style of mercenary?
report Recommended by Felix
even there is no similarities in main settings but Both Black Lagoon and Akame ga Kill! are telling the story of a group of assassins. these assassins are very skilled "near to super power!" and they know how to use their weapons with the perfect timing especially Black lagoon.
report Recommended by Caliph
An average man finds himself in the midst of a group of criminals. He has two options, join or die. He chooses to join, and turns out to be better for the job than anybody would have guessed. Funny one moment, intense the next. Be prepared for a ride.
report Recommended by NameWithheld