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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1 - Yokuryuu wa Maiorita
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Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito 1 - Yokuryuu wa Maiorita
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The overall settings and plot of the series really remind me Code Geass OVA: Akito the Exiled: * discriminated soldiers from another nation/race * spider like mecha/drones * kindly female commander * indoctrinated "republic" * nicknames of both units are related to Ghost/Death
report Recommended by LordCrane
Basically if you took 86 and placed it into the code geass universe, you would get the Boukoku no Akito movies. Similarities include: Badass MC melee expert, ace mecha pilot whom is the commander of a group of sacrificial pawns consisting of people discarded away by their country. check A kind FMC who utilizes her position in the military to try and ensure her group of pilots survive the extreme missions they are assigned. check. (Spider) Mechas in fast pace, tactical action with a balance of close ranged combat, guns and strategy. check.
report Recommended by flamingknight11
Very, very similar premise and setting -Setting of war -The pilots of the mechs are discriminated against -Sympathetic female commander -Mysterious Ace pilot who dominates the battlefield -Similar mechs in the shape of spiders
report Recommended by foosl
Similar premise, themes, characters (Vladilena/Shin and Leila/Akito), spider mechas, CGI action scenes and dialogues. 86 is so similar to Code Geass Akito that it feels like a blatant copy or a parody.
report Recommended by kataneer
Both main characters are very similar: Leila and Lena are commanders who cares about their armies, Akito and Shin are silent and telented militaries. Also, both are war themed with some racial questions.
report Recommended by tenjo_kaito22
Everything about these two series is the same: naive young girl from a high social class gets put in charge of commanding a military squad with multiple insubordinate soldiers, an edgy main character with barely a hint of a personality who is known for being ruthless and has a nickname related to death, the military force is made of people from a different country because they are seen as subhuman, and there's extensive use of ugly CGI spider mechas.
report Recommended by Ionliosite2
So many similarities, you can just watch and see what I mean, the main thing separating these shows is that 86 is objectively superior, in story telling, pacing, and character. Akito the Exiled is a lot more boring and uninteresting than 86 is, while having similar themes, 86 holds itself to the theming more than Akito does. Akito was a lot more boring.
report Recommended by lFrogs
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